Monday, August 20, 2007

Tiger Eye Vista

I couldn’t take it for granted.
I’ve been with her almost my entire life.
Wearing those eyes which cause people to shiver.
To chill.
To freeze.
It was in my young years of encouragement when I learned that we couldn’t really measure up people by just looking in their externalities. But, it is with no doubt, it follows that there are some individuals who bear a distinct and capture-prone blessing, as I may consider.
I personally knew these for a very long time. Her oily face seemed to be my usual greetings in the morning but still you can see what should be seen.
She never gives up. Unusual strength to carry out things in their positions, smile in her crafted teeth remains and noted to be pleasurable despite of hard circumstances. 

She’s been there for a while; we’ve been in the same school since elementary and high school too. I just can’t assess the seemingly boundless turn of her life’s page. It was really fast, and dealing with her was at first an obstacle for me… most of the times, before. With difficulty, I could not withstand the changes she was experiencing, her decisions were inevitable. I thought she was piercing herself to thrust a dangerous lair. But then, I found myself still hanging with her and as we grow, I understand what are her upbringings, her weaknesses, her strengths and who she really is. I could comprehend when she is wearing mascara or wearing a true face. I could differentiate the well of her and the worst of her.
Plates are crashing to each other. There has been no any lone stain of cooking rash in the kitchen when she dwells on it. You can only hear the sounds of her friends, Mariah, Usher, Craig, Beyonce and her best friend Regine. You know exactly what I’m talking about.
People thought that she is very vindictive because of her confining sight, but I say, she’s not. It can be noted that once my father got mad of her because of her nearly disparaging attitude. But come to think of it that rules brings about the equivalent torment only if they are broken, and you do not let any factor as face expression to interfere to that basic rule. You can find a better person inside her. Affliction, misery and defeat have no room for her, even at the very sad moments of her life.
A friendly person, she is. Nice thing about her is she knows when she can make me laugh endlessly. It’s in her that she mutually know how to crack jokes. But seriously and taking jokes aside, she can get to defend herself. I mean she is not that opinionated. She just does not want people to step on her. She yields to know what should be her stature in particular.
She knows the ABCs of friendship, that’s why it is undeniable that she already has a collection of friends where her wishbone is curbed. 

“Huwag kang mag-alala, itutuloy ang ligaya,
Huwag mong pipigilan ang iyong pag-asa,
May nagmamasid sa’yo at dahil mahal ka,
Lahat ng nais mo ay itutuloy niya!”

Just as this single after your eye reading, is as just as part of her abstracted life. A good heart, a tough person. One of my strict professors!
It will be a relic that when she walks, it already slays!
The ultimate bearer of tiger-eye vista! My sister.

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