Tuesday, September 27, 2011


A Short Docu-Narrative on the Phenomenon 
of Migration and Unemployment 

Inspired by real life experiences of Filipino H1B workers in America, this docu-narrative tries to show a particular angle that usual mainstream plots on workers and immigration overlook. 

H1B is a U.S. work visa given to those who qualify for "specialty occupation," including but not limited to teachers, accountants, medical practitioners and researchers, among others. In view of today's complicated immigration procedure prior to entering U.S. employment, a Filipina who enters America with a tourist visa decides to look for a sponsoring employer to acquire H1B status. 

Migrante International writes, "the growing number of OFWs worldwide is indicative of the ongoing crisis of forced migration and systemic economic crisis in the Philippines."
Parang pinaglalaruan ng tadhana ang pagdating ng mga Pilipino sa Amerika nitong huling kwatro ng 2001. Ditantan nila ang isang paranoid na Amerika. At taliwas sa inaasahan, kathang-isip na lamang ngayon ang American Dream. Hindi langit ang Amerika.

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