Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Why Continue This?

I was trying to look for reasons why I should continue maintaining this.
There has been a temporal boredom that came by since I left the United States.
Refusing to write once became a temporary visitor.

I thought of a lot of things from the most non-sense to a point of rationalizing everything. These were rooted from a diluted solution of disappointment and frustration. And, I am telling you, you do not want to taste that horrible dose.

I was not able to pull the gears of my regular writing time, as opposed to what I had done months ago. In fact, it came to a point that I have decided to close this blog, and merely leave it as a trace of my amateur phase. Thinking that I should just consider this a memoir or a compliation of pieces retiring inside a shelf.

Then, I suddenly missed the feeling of digging up words from the depths of my brain. The writing juice has just been ripened, ready to burst its immense cocktail for revival. Reviving a blog is a difficult task, in a difficult time. It is really a totally different story now, especially when the blogger is embedded in a totally different surrounding -- way far, from what he believes a craft and a discipline. Shared experience is not as vivid now, as compared to being a student. 

But why continue this? Because this blog is an immortal reminder of the blogger's dream. That, while not yet being given the opportune time to show his metal on his preferred field, he should not forgo the humble beginnings. Instead, take these traces as glaring inspiration to continue learning, to keep the faith burning and continue believing.

Perhaps, not yet now but we shall move on anyway.
And so, we shall continue.

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