Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I am but a Writer. Period.

What kind of writer am I?

They say I ‘am a writer. High school demanded me to be a writer through which I soulfully agree.

I am a writer. Is in it obvious?

That’s why you can see my name within this blog; the reason you have this entry to read.

Don’t you agree with me?

Whatever! I’m a writer.

I have covered different stories from the very serious, dramatic, and emotional up to the ones who made me burst out in laughter. I’m not the one who uses very stiff words, as if there is always a competition. I want my reader to visualize the scenes I describe, to feel the emotion I’m trying to share and of course, to be comfortable pondering on my ideas. Those, I attempt to assure. Then, when I write, I want it to be attention catching, relevant at least! Although some quotations do exist, I find a way not to include them to the rest of my writings – like the quotations of Plato, Newton and a lot more who extensively used words to metaphor. These do no good, but make my readers puzzled.

Enumeration Style is like fulfilling requirements, but many people adore it.

Suspended-interest style is somewhat exciting, as other feature writers have to do.

Inverted-pyramid style is like reading the news, grasping only the lead satisfies you.

Personal Experience is an average style. It is the mission of the writer not to make it appear artificial.

Daily task style is like feeding your readers a celebrity-mood. Do they have to know what transpired in a day? Is it worth it?

Novelty Style is really fun but I guess it picks its readers.

Different styles or whatever you want to call it, are ways of dealing with letters. They are only the ways to express your ideas and actually ways on how you market them. But, nonetheless, do you consider yourself a writer? I guess that’s better than being a user!

And finally, Acrostic Style is boring but grade school pupils are very willing to enjoy.

There is no manuscript, Magna Carta or Rules to qualify if you are a writer. Even though your writing style is either vying or not for a Palanca Award, you are a writer. If the readers don’t want to read the whole article and did not stop in the last letter of the article, are you a writer? Who cares if your tenses are bad?

Prof. Joson said, “Kapag nagsusulat ka, pinapalaya mo ang iyong sarili…

Roni_Bats said, “Hindi ko naman nais na pagbulay-bulayan ng mga gunam-gunam ng aking mga mambabasa ang bawat kataga ng aking katha matarok lamang ang diwang aking nais ipahayag.” (Nosebleed)

What I know is that I simply want to write, and I write what I wanted to write.

It’s only in the writer’s hand to make his/her masterpiece worth reading. Just learn to maneuver words. And learn to shift your pen, as needed.

I am a writer. Period.

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Anonymous said...

Have you read Bob Ong's book (Stainless Longganisa)?