Monday, November 05, 2007

The Saddest Rain Ever:(

The rain that I had experienced this morning -- the saddest rain ever.
I have to ask: "Why it has to overcome the very sunrise I'm seeking to see?"
The raindrops continued to slide in the clear glass of the four-parted window.
It seems that these drops were very very careful and they were resting in a cold plain.
As silence interfere the space to where I look at them, I felt something...
I'm longing to hear the call of her as it was the usual scene.
I'm wishing to hear that motherly voice which I miss so much!
As this rainy day ends, my heart is likely to vanish.
Because of your hard-days work, and as you said goodbye..
Until the very last moment,
No head-turns, as we devote a temporal separate living.
That was the saddest rain ever.

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