Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Typhoon's Conniving Forces

As quoted from an editor of a famous broadsheet, the Philippines has experienced a carnival of catastrophes* since the arrival-departure-arrival movement of "Lando", the entrance of "Nonoy" sandwiching "Mina" in a common midpoint.

Since I was born, this is the first time I learned three weather systems with varying degrees showing their rage inside the country's area of responsibility.

The effect is recognized to be "Fujihwara/Fujiwara Effect" after Dr. Sakuhei Fujiwara, the Japanese meteorologist who primarily made distinction in this phenomenon.

Wiki defines: The Fujiwhara effect or Fujiwhara interaction is a type of interaction between two nearby cyclonic vortices, causing them to appear to "orbit" each other.

So in our case, when Lando left the Philippines, Mina a new stronger typhoon tend to approach Lando, because of this, Lando was pulled back to PAR (Philippine Area of Responsibility). And their centers began orbiting each other at some point. Then, Nonoy came which created another effect now between the two mentioned typhoons. It may be between Nonoy and Mina or Mina and Lando. The stronger system shall remain. These two possible attraction to each other may eventually spiral into the center point and merge, and that's the worst case scenario.

We can do nothing when nature's fury envelopes us. In this stiff situations, preparedness is really a must.

It's like conniving forces of such, don't you agree with me? '',)

--- I was about to finish this entry when an earthquake occurred. Weird!
(12:20 to 12:25 I guess)


Anonymous said...

Days after the earthquake, there was a coup d'etat. What's that supposed to mean?

theporsche02 said...

I don't know... A mere coincidence, i think.