Thursday, June 26, 2008

Before Clicking "Publish Post"

(Follow-up entry -- The Purpose Driven Blog 06.23)

“Before you click the button, are you sure
that your post makes sense?”

While your purpose answers that question, there are lots of ways to discover what fits you. It is like buying a shirt in a mountain of choices and at the end of the day, it is your decision what to purchase – so be a good one!:)

Your blog represents a part of you, that’s why you can never be successful to maintain your blog, if your real intention is not depicted on it – you will feel tired of feeding posts, you will be bored, you will get lost of your functions, perhaps misplaced. That’s why it is much appealing to project a blog which best fits your personality (the real you).

On the other hand, if you’re just doing it to show something off, think twice because you might be losing the other part of you, you might be trading off the most fitted genre that would robust your personality.

Now, if you have finally figured it out, you can mutually find blogging an easy way of sharing thoughts, furnishing them with your own creative style --- until it becomes a routine.

“Whatever your purpose is, we have to settle to the solitary idea that blogging is a two-way process, we learn from each other, you learn from them, they learn from you -- that’s why it is called a social networking. (social – to interact to other groups; networking – to branch, to reach out with each other”) – see, The Purpose Driven Blog posted on 23rd of June.

If you’re composing it to a point that your blog is something that reflects your ideals and thoughts if not a part of you, then consider some guidelines that may help you realize the worth of this social network communication. Being open-minded may further improve your blogging drive if not your writing skills, so might as well, consider writing/blogging tips. Though, it is pleasing to see interactive blogs that perhaps transcend ideas, unique thoughts and current information, as it is the purpose of such…regardless of your blog’s genre -- whether it is informative, descriptive, emotional, showbiz, multi-faceted, or whatever you wanted your blog to look like – try to scrutinize first the essence of your post before you click the “publish post” button. :D

* Limitation underscored: Some people have no access to blog everyday because of some economic/schedule load restraints, these cases are inevitable,


Railey! said...

Dapat talaga open-minded ka, to improve your skills.

Kaya nga hindi maganda para sa akin ang mga blog na personal angst, kahit pa sabihin nila na "it's my blog", kasi sa nakikta natin bilang social netwroking, dapat interactive. SOCIAL nga eh. bagaman may mga angst na makakareleyt ka, mas makabubuti kung bibigyan mo ng ibang timpla ang angst na yan para mas kapakipakinabang na basahin...

Dapat talaga makes sense.

yfur porsche p. fernandez said...

Well, that's your view. I have nothing against emo blogs but I prefer interactive blogging.

"...bagaman may mga angst na makakareleyt ka, mas makabubuti kung bibigyan mo ng ibang timpla ang angst na yan para mas kapakipakinabang na basahin..."
- I agree. That is learning to shift your pen.

I'm not anti-emo/angst blogs, I'm just pro-social networking/blogging.:)

Railey! said...

"I'm not anti-emo/angst blogs, I'm just pro-social networking/blogging.:)"

--- oooww, like it!:D very much.