Monday, June 23, 2008

The Purpose Driven Blog

"Managing your thoughts through blogging

is a way of freeing yourself."

Are you blogging for a reason or just for the sake of blogging?
or fun or for good? First and foremost, the aim should be clear.
hat is the purpose of your blog? Or what is your purpose as a blogger?

We have diverse answers to these questions. How people respond to your write-ups and how they perceive your thoughts, are somehow reflections of how you crafted your blog to appear before them and to your co-bloggers. And yes, the chosen genre for your blog attracts kinds of readers that would best represent their interests and would best satisfy their tastes. Here are some anticipated answers:

  • To broadcast personal angst (although this is sometimes subject to denial)
  • Blog as a vast space to write down everyday schedule fostering a celebrity mood
  • A way of stitching words to create the digital way of diary-making
  • To jive with the trend
  • To educate – (i.e. extension of lecture for academes)
  • To practice journalism and exercise writing ability (i.e. to inform, to feature, etc.)

Yes, you are the ruler of your blog. Along this supreme freedom comes commensurate task. Bloggers are called to be responsible enough to observe the limits of blogging, to exercise the ethics (recognizing sources, etc.) and to know boundaries that should be taken into consideration when telling sensitive issues.

Who cares? It’s my blog!” - The reasons and other motives imposed by swift bloggers supersede the intention of blogging. Having said such, these are now matters of individual choice – that is taking the risks, taking the consequences. The excessive use of “it’s-my-blog” reason defeats the rationale of blogging, making it unfitted to continuously join the network community. For that, the stiff answer is, "Why blog?"

But whatever your purpose is, we have to settle to the solitary idea that blogging is a two-way process, we learn from each other, you learn from them, they learn from you -- that’s why it is called a social networking. (social – to interact to other groups; networking – to branch, to reach out with each other)

Yes, it is the social networking called blog.
What’s the purpose of yours?

Celebrate blogging!:D


Railey! said...

Purpose Driven Blog? Sounds like a book. Yes, dapat alam mo ang purpose mo as a blogger, kasi kung hindi.. baka mawalan ka ng gana, kasi hindi mo drive yung ginagawa mo.

Maswerte ang mga taong biniyayaan ng talent mag-manage ng thoughts.

Yeah!! Celebr8 blogging!!!

yfur porsche p. fernandez said...

Purpose Driven Life.

A blogger should know his purpose.

I'll be sharing some thoughts regarding blogging -- from personal experience and from the community itself. Soon.

Anonymous said...

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