Friday, December 26, 2008

On Front-Line Reporting

"As every reporter knows, being in the right place at the right time is part of a journalist’s skill set. And “Doro” or “Mando,” as he is either called by colleagues and acquaintances, had just arrived in Paris from New York on Nov. 10, 1970 to cover the Vietnam peace talks, only to be met with the headline on El Figaro: “De Gaulle est mort.” Indeed, in his illustrious career he has shown an uncanny knack for showing up at historical crossroads and the mettle not just to cover events but also put them in social, political and historical context. >> read the entire article

Suppression of the Public's Right to Information = Journalistic Oppressions (abuse, killings, etc.)
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hydee lopez said...

Merry Christmas!!:)

hugo gonzales said...

Yes. kaya nga iba na ang dating mo pag nasa set ka na lang.. experienced na kung baga. unless naging ganun ka lang via connections.

pinoy tektek said...

AgREe! Happy new year!

railey said...

Mabuhay ang mga Journalists! Mabuhay!