Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Missing Children

Human trafficking refers to the recruitment, transportation, harboring, or receipt of people for the purposes of slavery, forced labor, servitude* (and even more than these things) This phenomenon describes another untold account of oppression in the Indian Peninsula -- where teenage/underage women are being used in one of the fastest growing industry in the world, sex trafficking.

Unreported World with journalist Sam Kiley unearths the story of trafficking and kidnapping of young Indian ladies for prostitution. This documentary is called, India - Land of Missing Children.

(Video courtesy of youtube)

India - Land of Missing Children Part 3 of 3


Mabuti't meron pa ring mga lahok na may kabuluhan ang portal (youtube) na ito.


railey said...

Oh my! bata pa yung mga yun a.kalunoslunos.

hugo said...

yung unreported world ba series? very interesting topic ang nacover nila.

hydee lopez said...

nakakaawa sila!