Friday, January 08, 2010

Resiliency versus Homeland Security


Taking the perspective from the US:

Applying the notion of resiliency to our society at the national level involves two things: (1) mobilizing the means to reduce our vulnerabilities and (2) increasing our capacity to swiftly bounce back from major man-made or natural disasters.

Embracing national resiliency as opposed to homeland security has benefits:

(1) It can engender widespread public support, leaders can tap US' greatest source of strength: civil society and public sector;

(2) It has the potential to help generate economic growth and provide dual societal benefits that will strengthen the composition and quality of life;

(3) It supports the national security imperative of confronting the ongoing terrorist threat. A society that can match its strength to deliver a punch with the means to take one makes an unattractive target.

Excerpts from a book. I forgot the title.

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