Sunday, February 21, 2010

Haiku II

Green Shoots Theory

A promise of growth
After waves of recession
Miracle of boom!

ekonomya'y sisibol
Aasa ba 'ko?


Decoupling Theory

We, the former weak
No longer depend on you.
A fact or a myth?

We don't suffer grief
We don't experience mayhem
Yes to detachment!


The Dragon & The Elephant in Asia

"Superpower" dream,
mingled with hegemony --
Battle of Giants!

Befriending the far
while attacking the nearest --
Giants' greatest rule

Work on Giants' goals
And abandon arrogance
Notorious changes


Attention Economy

Utilizing ads
Converting non-consumers
Warping consciousness

Mental attachment
As a scarce commodity


Gift Economy

No future rewards
Value redistribution
Culture of giving

Just value-centered,
Supplying each other's needs
In different ways

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