Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Media to Rival TV News?

This was originally published in the January 23, 2011 post of Media Newser Philippines, the full text of which may also be retrieved from:

Channel News Asia's Timothy Go on January 6, 2011 posted a serious question on his Facebook account, concerning the future landscape of TV journalism and its functions, "With TV constantly changing, and content delivery rapidly evolving, I wonder what my future would be as a News Anchor?"

With the inception of the new media, information dissemination becomes faster than ever. Many claim one of the greatest challenges that TV journalism is facing today is its competition with the emerging forms of media in terms of fast broadcasting and/or news dissemination. But should we really consider the new media a threat, if not a rival to TV news? At some time, the World Wide Web may be seen to out pace the mainstream media in delivering news and information -- making the entire TV industry believe every second, really counts.

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