Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Courage to Teach

I personally made justice to defining this particular entry since my mother is a teacher.
As we learn to know more about ourselves, we might discover techniques that unmask the personhood from which good teaching arrives. This very nature of a person depicts the truest expression of a teacher within. She actually revealed a different twist on real life endeavors of becoming a real teacher. It transformed my vision regarding teaching career from a typical to an extraordinary and a commendable reflection. She is one of the many people in service yet one of the few whose professions are considered noble.
Teachers are said to be the immortal beings. Their presence in the temporal world might vanish but everything is left behind. Their liveliness might fade away but the memories, thoughts, and values more thanknowledge and book can offer made them the undisputed messenger of light towards one's path, a legacy that is worthy to be treasured forever. Teachers therefore have already accepted the wheels of enormous responsibility the moment they embraced their titles. They intertwine these wheels with their personalities and attempt to pave the definitive path we are taking up to now. It is with no doubt that they are the real servants of the society, as well as deserving to be called as parents giving unconditional and incomparable love.
Teacher's bravery to teach has gone through many definitions. They acquire various perspectives from the people who try to limit their understandings about being a teacher. The achiever of good deeds, they, who wear fearless faces to hide confusions and difficulties. The courage to teach is the spirit to teach one's heart unlock in those instances the heart is obliged to hol on more than it is able.
"Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique;
It comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher." - excerpt
Identity and integrity matter most! Teachers possess enough prowess to weave a complex web of conncections realizing the boundary of person's dichotomy -- from public life to personal ones. Aside from this, they are able to chant their concerns in spite of adversities in their lives inspired by their own personal limits. However, as their professions call them, they have the ability to cover up their personal undertakings and vulnerability realizing a firm position. Identity lies in the seam of the mixture of forces that compose up life, and integrity lies in connecting those forces in behaviors that bring the completeness and existence rather than division and death.
I do believe that these sound definitions cannot be obviously identifies to a particular person, even the bearer of these traits herself can never know that she possesses such. This explains a distinct characteristics that binds reality and strangeness. Identity and integrity can only be trapped irregularly out of nowhere.
The heart of a teacher entails a caravan of love bringing the greenest pasture from their students. They are the mentors of life, and speaking to deep, they are one of the real persons behind every success of an individual; they are the keynote contributor from learning the basics to learning life. These describe a teacher within --- teaching beyond technique, giving unmatched dedication.

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I agree. Teachers are immortal.