Friday, August 10, 2007

What is the Point?

A confusing wave of light made me in a sense of partial completion. That was the only time, I got a full sleep on Tuesdays; minding of my morning class the following morning. My train of thoughts have just reappeared in my control. The armies of my social life have just started to be activated. Highly dangerous for me to have a bad sleep, as is it is the only reason for a bad mood. I have just greeted my mother and flashed her with a beautiful smile. '',)
Day by day, I consider a word of thought from a book. And from these thoughts, I ponder. I get to use them in an efficient way. I get to mingle with the words, and give them a form of life.
Basically, what is paradoxical about what I wanted to write is that I somehow do not know how to put a period or a definite end on my essays. Making these schemes, earned me a particular character of being compulsive.
I am not sure, but my Philosophy professor is consistently pointing about a "OCD" (I am not certain if I got it right). And this quoted disorder will always be on my mind whenever I wanted to bring my college life back.

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