Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hit and Miss!*

~To advance measures with hidden agenda?
Government tries to filter what the public should know
And for that, they are not only inhibiting Philippine Journalism
But also killing Filipino's will to democracy.

~Marianneth is a great illustration of a child who's just about to begin her life, but decided to end it for some known and unknown reasons.

~News personalities differentiated:

1. News anchors are newscasters for they present the news, in a form of lead.
2. Broadcasters are communicators using public medium as broadcast media.
3. Journalist, I think the broadest, may be relative not only to both but also to the reporters, columnists, commentarists. Achieved either by a bachelor's degree or merely by heart.

>These terms used to be assoiciated with each other, but it represents varying levels
of attachment or attitude to what we call "public service"

~Statistics generated by PGMA were made possible by her "economic magicians", as what Free from Debt Coalition says.

~In our history, there have been icons/heroes that were completely romanticized to that extent they became "sacred" -- unmoved; as if all goods were embedded in their personalities. But knowing cultural/nationalist studies, these notions may reveal a complete reverse, as what Foundations for Nationalist Studies provides.

~According to Nick Fontanilla (Green Light), the Philippines is still a nation in progress.

~"Inday" is a creative depiction (socio-political, socio-economical, socio-cultural) of a Filipino who is a language-competitive but career passive available in the international context.

~December, again and again. For sure, market prices are likely to rise again and again.
Merry Christmas to all!


Anonymous said...

Correction: Freedom from Debt Coalition :)

Who're you talking about as journalist "by heart," ha?

theporsche02 said...

Thanks! It's Freedom for Debt Coalition.

Kahit sino? Hehe...

Anonymous said...

No, it's Freedom from Debt Coalition. Hahaha.

Kahit sino? FF!

theporsche02 said...

oh.. yeah!!! haha.. correction the second time around. this time extremely correct!! hehe.. FF you.