Monday, December 31, 2007


I just wanted to say hello.

From the very first time, I felt the urgency in her words.

A law abiding citizen as she is, she used to utter, "Wala kang sense of law." And then I say, "Everything we hold/experience today is not the same, and even it seems it's exactly the same, it can neve be the same again."

She sits there. Guitars are rushing for her strum. The mechanical sounds she plays caught my attention, producing an atmosphere of friendship between us. She plays the guitar. I sing. There we get to start mixing the music and lyrics.

When I wanted to say hello -- Usually she neglects it, she hears nothing, feels nothing, she makes sure of that. But now, she's flashing a great smile.

And after days, weeks, months of making sure she's there, I saw her in an ultimate shift. She suddenly feels happy with each other's company, afraid not to hear, not to feel and not to notice. And so do I!

Until she strums, and music starts to serenade that glossy day. Music. Music that fills the whole afternoon. As of now, a chain of friendship continue to outstand and bonds us. As time passes by, as if we are obliged to have this existing friendship better, well- treasured and of course, well-tuned.

I appereciate that very peculiar attitude. As I continue to know her, I'm pretty sure that I'm digging the trench of a friendship that will last for a lifetime. Forever at least.

In a little window... All I can see... Is a piece of heaven,
(Of tears, of lonelinessOf everything)...
-An excerpt from Amado...Minamahal*;
"Hustisya" partwhere Marianneth's life was creatively illustrated

As I remember that red thing hanging from nowhere. She simply stands in the vent of my mind before anything appears. I shiver. I shudder. The primary feeling I probably feel when I miss her own style of music.

Thanks for the friendship. Ienne.

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