Monday, December 31, 2007


This friend of mine is not applicable to a well-fashioned decision-making. As I quote "This Book Will Save You Life", she thinks like this:

"Ahead in the distance, there is something orange and smoky; it takes her a moment to decide -- is it a brush fire otr simply dawn in Los Angeles?"

Something like that. Then she panics. Until she asks, "Did something happen?"

Sometimes it seems that there is no way for every challenge, but then through all those days of hopelessness, she improves. And I'm a witness for that.

She became a better person in and out. She's a better friend now. If I shall make a note of her history -- she has always been a part of that complex loop where she finally feels alone, with no one.

But from that, I just wanted to share this message. Now I understand.

In her life, she makes note of a lot of people. Ones with whom she shares something special, who always mean something. There's the one she first kissed, the one she first loved, the one she'll put on a pedestal. And the one with her right now; the one who got away.

To those persons, whom eveything is perfect but the timing was just wrong. As I say, timing is everything. No fault to those persons, but the cards just did not fall the right way.

As she puts on his noise-cancelling headset connected in her phone, the Kite I've known before has become a newer and a more mature one -- as she experience those pains, the different sources of pains I somehow appreciate that quaking personality she has fostered once and for all. Not so mysterious, but simply Kite.

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