Tuesday, February 05, 2008

That Unavoidable Circumstance

We are all guilty of the incredible feeling we used to ignore.
Hiding ourselves in the same closet we built
Believing we are safe in every segmented shelf
Yet, not knowing that we’re actually depriving ourselves to truth,
And for every second of the day, we are mystified
Becoming thirsty of attention, love and care…

Afraid or not afraid...
Little by little we are escaping the inescapable reality of life.
And day by day, we will soon realize that the best things in life are gone.
And it takes time before they replenish.
Rest assured for things that are significant, for they shall come back,

You are lucky, finding out that they are not gone…
We are blessed, for escapism is just temporary!
For reality is in itself unavoidable.

Yes, we will be blind for a minute, deft for a day, numb for a week,
Hopeless, challenged, collapsing and weak…
Pretensions reign supreme

But the same escapism will set as free.
Until it brings us to the highest time, when truth shall set as free
And that renewing another life is a tall order,
Revealing what a true you must see.

Escapism is but a usual dose of being a human.
And like other things in life,
Taking too much of it, drives you in a fatal stress.

Soon, you’ll be moving on.
And saying sorry, saying thank you…
Appreciating more…
Living up life again…
Unveiling the real you…
Healing, and working back again, smiling, cheering up…
These are but the sweetest revenges of all time!

Greens are greener.
Colors fall back the way they should be.
The best things in life can be found around you.


noongmalapad said...

"blog hopping" lang. haha. kewl! :)

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