Tuesday, March 04, 2008


"Drinking they say is the haven of the weak. We forge a persona that we only have the courage to show when we are drunk enough. We escape reality even if it would risk our health. But he told me this, the most honest individuals are those who drink to drown, because they lose their social mask.
No pretentions.
No limits.
No lies.
That's not weakness, that's being fearless and he assumed what they can never fathom bacause of intoxication, is that, we become pure."

Of course, you may agree or not.
Reactions are relative.

Yes, I agree that through drinking it is possible for a person to reveal the real him/her if that's the matter. However, I cannot agree that drinking is a form of bravery, rather, a manifestation of weakness. Is it really needed for a person to take this way, just to unveil what he/she really feels? But then, I agree that not all can explain themselves. How about other means? Is this the last if not the only resort? By drinking or being intoxicated we become pure, is this true? Well, for me it's a no- no.

This message has been in my inbox since February, and after receiving this, I felt that this statement may serve as a source that everyone can relate to.

What's instilled in my mind is that, vices are matters of choices and not of addiction.

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