Sunday, March 02, 2008

Undecided Choices

My father has not been tired of asking me questions about my preferences in life. These includes my views, what I must watch, what are sensical, what are non-sensical, what are worth giving time and attention and what are irrelevant, what sports I should be inclined to, what I should do for a masculine cause and an intervention as to what outlook I should set in life. Sometimes, he gets to reject the choices; he called these simple pieces of decisions as well as habits as garbage.
It makes me think, of how he should have defined what real garbage is? Is it confining? I think so. Yet, I do not have this brave heart to express these things except in this light.
"We always have a choice". - from the movie Spiderman
And these choices shall determine perhaps what are the truths that one struggles to realize. We somehow give ways just to make these choices worth achieving and with doing so comes great adversities. Such trials make us function to our own feet. Such encounters make us tougher and we almost forgot the rules of what life has intended for us to do.
Until one day, we find ourselves looking at the rare misfortune that we cannot really imagine. We hate ourselves of doing nothing to make choices in reality. Then, frustration comes. Even we made fatigue-causing sacrifices, still barriers are in existence. It seemed that trials are really destined to intertwine in our lives and create an eminent stain forever. Yes, making choices is really easier said than done.
Along comes the story of a family, not so far from my residence. The choice of being brave, the choice of healthy living, the choice of preferences, the choice of being satisfied, the choice of being happy and the choice of choices. We have to consider different things to come up to a decision. Decisions are choices. And it’s up for a person on how to shape them up. We have our own principles, we our blessed with an individualistic mind. It is easy to find where one can reap the knowledge, the learnings and words that passed the standards soon enough that they are needed to be instilled. It is for us to decide which of these things are worthy to be considered and which of these are to be discarded – which of these things are garbage, as my father says. After all, who sets the moral? Ideals? What should me done? What is right or wrong?

When I was a kid not about five years of age, I did not know then what is the value of money. I ignored money. I did not know then what is the weight of that single untidy paper, the seemingly rough-and-smooth paper that lingers... especially to the bare hands of many people.
All I thought of money -- like a paper, consisting of scorned and beheaded people, that is used to buy things. Since the very reason that I did not know what is it all about, I put money in the trash unintentionally.

But, what I'm actually thinking of, are the persons in the money. As I grow, these thoughts are torturing many lives as I see it. And the practical idea I have thought prior to my seventeenth year becomes clear. And that childish thought is happening today. It is metaphoric that people tend to behead others at any rate to buy things that are irrelevant... things which they wanted, the lust that buys sin and hatred. To others, there is something so wrong that feels so right all along, I should call it chocolate-coated sin.

They said attitude can move mountain. I just can’t have this full comprehension to make things in their stable stature. They always make me jiggle, make me curious. Why people should wear fake faces? A face of money, a craving face for money. A face that will do everything for money sake. A face that characterizes mystique.
Is it really human nature for people to behave like this? Do we need to be different just to be in the realm of these green papers? Well, even single concerns require the best choices, as we choose what is best for our lives and loved ones.

Until, I realize that money is then the same garbage I been thinking before. I hope this needs not a cure for person devastated by its wheels.
Choices. Choices. Choices. Risk.


noongmalapad said...

You become who you are because of the choices you make.

Walang basura.

Hmm, makacomment lang. :)

theporsche02 said...

yeah.. like what i've said, who sets the moral? Sino ba ang nagsasabi kung tama o mali? Sino sila para magsabi?:)

Anonymous said...

Deconstruction, I say. Haha.