Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Flawed Hero

Good Evening! It's Wednesday, 20th of February,2008. The Headlines...
  • Palace: ‘Crying boy’ Lozada ‘playacting’
  • Amparo for Lozada unnecessary--gov’t lawyer
  • Arroyo center of Neri ‘ecosystem of corruption’--Lozada
  • ‘I don’t remember saying that’--Neri
  • Cayetano: Lozada will always be under threat

The recent news have come this far.
The feathers of both the administration and the opposition are both seeking for someone's catch. The issue has now become a massive call to action.

It is with no doubt that the current regime of Arroyo has surpassed arrays of side-to-side kicks from its opponents. It has proclaimed itself, a winner for the many destabilization plots. And has assumed great responsibilities toward the present economic standing of the Philippines, particularly the continuous supremacy of peso over foreign currencies. At the same time, disguised development still flourishes in the mainstream. And over time, rally points to launch greater actions calling for Arroyo's resignation has been the usual bout of different political groups.

But with the recent NBN-ZTE Deal, Arroyo administration fails to show the stability of the government, contrary to their prime declarations regarding the Philippines' current state of affairs. Recently, Arroyo with her cohorts (cabinet members) did the so-called "walk of confidence" to show retained blocking of the posts and to make people believe that we are still in our comfort zone.

With the allegations made by Joey de Venecia III, with the interference of many civil-society groups which tender supports, Arroyo administration tends to flip the views to other orientations hoping for a safer place, and looking for a great loophole to cleanse the name of the Palace -- to escape the betrayal they made. A due recognition must be given to the media, as it continues to unfold the issues other men wanted to secure. Media has always served as public watchdog since the very beginning.

While still having the unsafe terrain for months, Arroyo now declares the go-signal for the housing grants and other benefits purportedly given to the military men.
Now, what is more obvious than this?

Today, Lozada stands still for the statements he made against Arroyo's administration, to ex-Comelec Chair Benjamin Abalos and FG Mike Arroyo -- people's appeal and tremendous supports are now vested to Lozada for his no-fear expose. Lozada is now widely supported by various political groups.

For some, Lozada is a hero. Seemingly, he is the earthly man behind the creepiest nightmare of the Palace.

Noted from Harapan (ABS-CBN2):
Ganito na ba ang lipunang ito? Magsabi ka lang ng totoo, bayani ka na?
Lozada is now described to be at the point of no return, and as he marks another history, Arroyo administration in camouflage can never be assured for its victory this time, against that man who is admitted for becoming an imperfect hero.


Anonymous said...

In an imperfect society, even imperfect heroes are called for -- no matter what the criteria of heroism are.

Anonymous said...

How can I ever respect this man again? He's as crooked as the other politicians. Him, portraying himself as poor is an insult to the Filipino people

Anonymous said...

The man doesn't need your respect anyway.

theporsche02 said...

I will just settle to that idea that one is still capable of revealing the truth,if that's the case -- it will no longer be an insult if the scenario depicts the reality in our social setting.

On the other hand, there were no criteria for heroism imposed by the people, Lozada was embraced by political groups and others with no constraints.

People just believe.

How Lozada does it -- still, a controversial loom. I think, the most prevailing characteristic of Lozada as of now is his consistency.

Kung gaano ito katagal, tsaka pa natin malalaman.

Maraming Salamat "anonymous" sa pagbibigay ng komentaryo!

theporsche02 said...
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theporsche02 said...

Maraming Salamat din, Bb. Eguico!:)