Saturday, April 26, 2008

There are many ways to educate ourselves.
Aside from our educational attainments, we could further educate ourselves. It is not only the number of letters we add in our surnames (to give weight to the degrees we earned) that counts -- it is how we understand life.

We somehow neglect to see the other side of learning.
By just observing your surrounding. By just asking a poor man. By just asking a pregnant woman. By just looking at how an ant carry a piece of bread bigger than its body. Making metaphors and reflections. All of these things.

In order to understand life, we should not only be satisfied to the knowledge offered by books and by the four corners of our classrooms.

We should also learn the basics to learn life. :D


noongmalapad said...

tama, tama, tama! minsan, kung ano pa ang natututunan sa labas, un pa ang tumatatak.

theporsche02 said...

Aanhin natin ang mga teorya kung walang praktika sabi nga!:)

Kate Martinez said...

Very well said.

We are enriching our learning experience by extending it beyond academics.

*job well done. congratulations!

theporsche02 said...

Thank you very much ms. martinez!:)

Railey! said...

Tama! UP concept to ah.