Saturday, April 26, 2008

Trading Forts

According to Professor Sharon Caringal*, there are two distinct ways of distinguishing urban people to that of rural ones. There is an evident prescription the way they introduce themselves.
Since the imperial Manila is one of the primary trading forts in terms of career mobility and economic prosperity, these separate stories would find their fates somehow intertwining. As rural people wanted to secure a certain space in the voluminous Manila to escape from the usual planters’/fishers’ set-ups, some urban people are trying to steal a great catch out of it.

The usual Manila affair has been bombarded by scattered pieces of bio-data and application forms. Until, Manila cannot carry anymore. Sprawls exist, city diffuses but then Manila’s name is institutionalized so long that it remains to be the first choice for seekers until now.

And yes, social injustices are still there.

Let’s assume they have earned equal degrees in college, not in UP. Let’s suppose they are both males, seeking for a scientific position in an agricultural bureau. They only need 1 for the job, with a competitive work pay. Having said such, let’s now spot the difference/s.

A rural man would tender his name with a pinch like this: “Ako po si _______________________, mula sa Barrio Paraiso, sa Bayan ng Gingsawa, Maasin, Leyte. Ako po’y pinagpalang anak nina Aling Teresita Ramos, isang magbubukid at Gerry Santos, isang mangingisda naman. Sanay po ako sa mabibigat na gawain…Nalalaman ko po ang pangunahing pangangailangan ng posisyong ito, sapagkat hawak ko po mismo ang lupa at ang halaman. Nakapagtapos po ako sa Pamantasan ng _________, sa aming bayan ng kursong __________.”

An urban man with conviction: “I’m ____________________. I graduated from University of ______________, here in Manila. I took up, B.A./ B.S. in _____________. Now, you should hire’s because I was trained to master the basics and complexities of this industry. I was practiced to do researches that would develop techniques, and…”
And so, a lot of factors should now be taken into account – the environment, the society, settings to where they were able to establish their personalities, the political and cultural aspects and so on. A human resource person would have hard time thinking between quantity and quality; experience and knowledge.

This may be the current plight of human resource persons --- deciding between two ideal men in their own spheres, knowing that foregoing one of them is a hard task to do. Choices would have carried out mix feelings.

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