Friday, May 09, 2008

Straight from my Journal

Before I erase them.

On Development Research:
"Undertaking careful and detailed research is not at all the same as doing nothing: it is an essential first step towards directing a successful development program."

- International Development, Growth and Change by H.W. Singer

On Development Aggression:
"More aggressive attempts at territorial expansion were made by some older large nations as they acquired the greater power inherent in modern economic growth."

- Modern Economic Growth: Rate, Structure and Spread by S. Kiznets

On Social Problems:
"There are persuasive arguments for each answer, but most people believe that aggression must be examined and understood in its socioeconomic context and not as a purely instinctual biological phenomenon."

- Social Problems by B. Wright and J. Weiss


Railey! said...

Ganon na nga.. chineck ko, nagamit ko na ung 2 libro mo sa Diliman.

theporsche02 said...

Wow! talaga? sa UPM yang mga libro na yan eh.