Tuesday, May 20, 2008


1. Noted death.
Anakpawis Representative Crispin "Ka Bel" Beltran, 75 years old, passed away this morning (declared dead at 11:48am). Momentarily, flash news presented its lead by a story of an accidental fall of Beltran in his house, reasons are yet to be investigated. His cohorts, members of other party list groups, his friends from media and politicians are expected to advance their respect to Beltran as a leader and a fighter of people's will. Meanwhile, this afternoon there have been rumors and side stories that a special recognition would be given to him within the period of mourning.

It can be remembered that Beltran was among the Batasan 5/6 who staged fearless allegations against the government of Arroyo and has accepted a wide support from the Filipino people. The political realm embraces this as a noted death of a victorious pro- Filipino activist.

2. Restrained fare increase.

The well-diffused plan to increase fare from the current P7.50 to P8.00, and the revised matrix thereof has been suspended yesterday after LTFRB and other government transportation bodies have shown their red lights for 2 days now.

Pero, bukas tuloy na tuloy na ito!

3. Turning seats.

As part of GMA's cabinet revamp, Ricardo Lirag Saludo now holds the position as chief of the Civil Service Commission while Former AFP Chief Esperon assumes his post as chief of peace process. As reported, the position left by the latter is now occupied by General Alexander Yano. Gen. Esperon's appointment earned a wave of negative remarks, as people predicts militarism will reign over peace processes, majority of the people interviewed over the radio prefer a lawyer -- described as the right and justified man to do the job. Other key military positions are now reorganized and many new faces can be seen representing their offices.

Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro, on the other hand, is being eyed to replace Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales. President Arroyo, in the news, says the turning and shifting of cabinet seats will soon be revealed but for now, the entire issue is kept secret.

Cabinet positions are not made to please military officials.

4. Traces of Destruction.

As typhoon Cosme leaves the Philippine Area of Responsibility and is moving closer to Japan, cases of deaths and destructions are constantly reported. The entire Pangasinan remains to be in total black-out after the typhoon has exerted its maximum strength. Parts of Bulacan remains to be flooded. Cosme as of 11 am has caused major destruction of properties amounting to at least eleven million. According to NDCC, the infra damage is at P15.08 M and will go higher. It can be observed that even in Manila few days ago, wind was in its utmost blow.

5. China Quake.

Around thirty four thousand lives were killed after that hilarious 7.8 magnitude peak of an earthquake. State media has reported that until now figures are still growing. More than knowing the worth of properties destroyed, China government intensifies its effort to recover if not revive bodies that are suspiciously trapped if not buried within areas like schools, markets, establishments and other buildings which dome great number of people.

Taking this as an alarm, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) on Tuesday said it will inspect old government buildings and hospitals to ensure the safety of these buildings in the event of natural disasters.


Jan Robert Ramos Go said...

1. Sayang si Ka Ben. But maybe, he has done his role on earth.

2. Alin ang mas marami, pasahero o driver?

3. I don't agree na si Saludo ang maging CSC Chair. Kasi kinontra dati ni Constatino-David si GMA, kaya after her term, GMA assured that CSC will be in her side. I also don't agree na si Esperon ang mga Peace Adviser. Pero ok sa akin si Gilbert Teodoro. Bar Topnotcher! Hehehe...

Un lang. :D

theporsche02 said...

It's his time.

Hindi ko alam kung ano ang mas marami. Sa tingin ko ang pasahero. Ang mga driver,nagiging pasahero din minsan. :D

"I don't agree na si Saludo ang maging CSC Chair. Kasi kinontra dati ni Constatino-David si GMA, kaya after her term, GMA assured that CSC will be in her side. I also don't agree na si Esperon ang mga Peace Adviser." -- lahat ito, sa tingin ko, bahagi muli ng political survival ni GMA. Maaring pampakapit o di naman kaya'y bayad utang. Makikita natin.

Mahusay ang background ni Sec. G. Teodoro, tingnan natin kung paano niya bibigyang katarungan ang posisyong nagtatakda ng Katarungan, sakaling siya nga ang hahalili kay Sec. R. Gonzales.

Matyagan natin.:)

Railey! said...

Sayang si Ka Bel!

Naniniwala akong taktika ito ni Gloria. Hindi aq sangyon sa pagkakaupo ni Esperon for peace process, kasi mamayani lang ang militarismo/militarisasyon sa mga tao.

Tama ka, hindi ginawa ang gabinete para sa militar.

theporsche02 said...

Halimbawa, naitatanong kulang, ilang beses na bang nagpalit ng AFP Chief?
Ilang beses na bang naging pinuno ng kagawaran si A. Reyes?