Friday, June 06, 2008


In an information-rich society, with all these social networks and ways of expressing thoughts, certain human errors exist. When publishing post/s, journals or any means of communication, we sometimes commit errors and for that matter, there is an ethical way of communicating falsehoods, necessary for keeping up the value of accuracy and of the Truth. Without this, feeds of fallacies and other incorrect publications may be provided to readers, and may then be transferred to other young minds -- nourishing them with wrong information and knowledge.

Erratum,(errata:plural) is widely used by publishers, writers, journalists and authors in order to address important points which were mistakenly identified -- wrong names, false description/s, wrong equations, graphs or solutions (for Math books), mistaken identities, wrong spelling, wrong event or lead, showbiz gossips, serious articles and other degrees of unrecognized deceptions which require clarifications if not corrections.

It is very important for publishers, writers, journalists and authors in general to furnish a copy of their respective errata (if there's any) to avoid the spread of false education. But then, beyond all of these things, proof reading and copyreading remain to be the effective means to keep away from erroneous items, unless you have bad intention/s to lead your readers in a wrong way. If that's the case, the issue of accountability/credibility may now assume its stand.

Errata to some of my published posts:
  • Mula sa entry na Bwitre: Ang bwitre ay hindi isang "beast", ito ay isang ibon, vulture sa Ingles.
  • Kung boboto para sa bagong seven wonders of the world, dapat ay sa at hindi sa nabanggit na website sa entry na Tabalits 101.
Copyreading and Headlining = Pagwawasto at Pag-uulo
Feature Writing = Pagsulat ng Lathalain
Editorial = Pangulong-tudling
News Writing = Pagsulat ng Balita


Railey! said...

Oh, I c!:) San mo nalaman 'yan? Erratum!!

yfur porsche p. fernandez said...

San ko nalaman? Sa aking nanay, isa siyang Math author. Nagkaroon ng mali sa graphs and equations kaya ayun nagka-erratum.

noongmalapad said...

susunod na pala ang ikasandaan mong entry! apir! :D

yfur porsche p. fernandez said...

Naluto ko na.:) "ME"dia.

Sabi nga ni Sir Ponsaran sa blog niya, You Tube (Broadcast me) = Me Media. :D

Nandyan na po.