Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Teargas and Handcuffs

Consistently, journalism and press freedom have been found to be essential to the Philippine democratic system. That freedom involves not only media professionals, but also the public served by the media. In all cases, the Filipino people exclusively rely on them, through news coverage, reports, live feeds and any other means of communication.

The suppression of the freedom of the press can be relentlessly visualized as a direct betrayal of the state to people's will to democracy. Today, Filipino journalists are being concealed for either reporting or criticizing various interests that depict the current unstable government. It should be learned that the administration of President Gloria M. Arroyo maintained its stand condemning any illegal actions against journalists, but apparently, what had transpired at The Peninsula clearly showed the other side of its ironic advocacy.

The Manila Peninsula Siege served more than a testimony.

Written by Yfur Porsche P. Fernandez
Power of the Strings: Ma. Lina Eguico

A quick call from my boss,
No if’s, no but’s, not time to pause
Forget everything except the pen
Run the wheels and join the lion’s den

A national affair has set the flame
Calling for media to play the game
Mr. Senator has just proclaimed
It’s everyone’s ballgame, who’s to blame?

I was there to broadcast to break the newscast,
To deliver the newsbit, from its start to last
Mr. Policeman mandates us to leave
But you can never arrest us for not leaving!

I was about to state the report,
Minding police and media’s rapport
But it warped out as a glaring oppression
Depriving my duty that leads to confiscation

It delayed the people’s consciousness
When you considered us suspects, not just witnesses
Holding us for hours in Bicutan,
Was that a trap or a defined plan?

You’ve killed the lives of the million, when you decided to loosen the pin
You’ve killed the will of the people, to advance tyrannical gains
Suppressing the public’s vehicle, the only way to know
Killing the will to democracy with tear gas and handcuffs to a foe

A quick call from my boss turns into a call of journalism profession
A call of my humble profession turns into a noble call of the nation
A call of my humble profession turns into a torrent cry to public information!
(Turns into a call of the nation)

*For Development Studies 121: The Study of Philippine Underdevelopment
Dr. Edberto Villegas. Counter-culture songs. Social Issues.


yfur porsche p. fernandez said...

FRIENDS, take a look at Ms. Lisa Ito- Tapang's blog "APARADOR NI LISA". She's an environmental activist. She's the one who gave a comment in my previous post. You can learn so much from it! (in my blog roll) Cheers.:D

nano said...

Pagpupugay kaibigan!

noongmalapad said...

AYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! putukin? haha. joke lang!

nice one! ipagpatuloy. :)

yfur porsche p. fernandez said...

To nano and noongmalapad:

Maraming Salamat! Ipagpapatuloy ko.
Itutuloy natin ang istorya niyo.

hydee lopez said...

WOw! Is this for real! Congratulations! How about the melody./..hehe

Railey! said...

Dedicated talaga ha. Looking forward to see you soon in tv as a journalist! YOu can do it.

hugo gonzales said...

Wow, nice to see this entry. How about the tune? Congrats!

yfur porsche p. fernandez said...

To railey, hugo and hydee:

Thank you very much!
The tune? The melody? How??