Friday, October 31, 2008

They Say...

  • "Never in the turbulent recent history of the Philippines has any government, including that of Ferdinand Marcos, ever taken into custody members of the media who were on the scene to do their jobs." - Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (on the Peninsula siege)
  • "The abstract concept of freedom of the press will have to be re-examined. There is therefore a need to show how the concept of freedom of the press has concretely applied to the Philippine situation, given the limitations imposed by foreign control and influence." - Rosalinda Pineda Ofreneo, Journalism author
  • "The press is an institution which inculcates a particular form of consciousness. Consciousness is the highest form of reflection of which only man is capable, it is the manner by which a society in its development explains the world and views itself. It is therefore the summation of ideas, concepts, and theories prevailing in a given society at a definite historical stage." - quoted from the book, The Manipulated Press: A History of Philippine Journalism
  • "Good reportage is telling at as it is but at the same time, telling it new, telling it surprising, telling it significant." - Nick Joaquin, National Artist for Literature*
  • "A dictated press is something to abhor even if the dictators were exclusively Filipinos... Any kind of control of the press is to be fought even if this control were being undertaken in the name of love of country, more so if control itself were being advocated by people who have publicly confessed that they are under the thumb of their publishers...." - Teodoro "Ka Doroy" Valencia, dean of Philippine Journalism
  • "The measure of power is how you elect not to use it, what will make me use of my power to its fullest extent? I have never done that, because the moment you abuse your power, you lose it." - Korina Sanchez, broadcast journalist & chief correspondent of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs
  • "There are clear rules in the constitution in the limits of press freedom. Clear and present danger. National security. Those are the only limits. Beyond that, press freedom is supreme." - RG Cruz, news correspondent of ABS- CBN, TV journalist

*from Ms. Lina Eguico's text message


hydee lopez said...

I like what RG Cruz said about the power of the presssssss!!!!!

pinoy tektek said...

OO may rights sila.. pero, hindi absolute.. dapat lang yun..para balance lang.. ang mahirap din kasi, hindi nila nagagawa yun respnsibilities minsan.

hugo said...

Teodora Valencia... the name of the award right?

Railey! said...


yfur porsche p. fernandez said...

To hugo: yes, the Ka Doroy Valencia Award - Broadcaster of the Year, given by KBP, if I'm not mistaken.

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