Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Philippine Media

Under the category of News and Politics, a short documentary from shows the high life of media years after the EDSA People Power I, as well as the challenge left in this industry.


"February 1996
Rough, raw and competitive - that's journalism in The Philippines.
TV Patrol, the most popular Programme leads the way with sensational stories and starstruck scandals. Imelda Marcos, overthrown a decade ago, is now a big Filipino personality. She even cracks jokes about her shoes. Chris Aquino, daughter of Cory, is Manila's answer to Oprah Winfrey. Much to her mother's disgust, she delights her audience with a kiss and make up session with Marcos's son, Bong Bong. Father Jim Reuter and journalist Sheila Coronel are among the few dissenting voices who call for a more responsible media. But with its new found freedom, it looks like the media will continue to rebel for some time yet."

This documentary was filmed by journeymanpictures entitled

3 comments: said...

very educational and informative blog.

nice bro.

hydee lopez said...

Why Gus Abelgara? Its Gus Ablegas... haha.. wow! paano mo to nakita.. antagal na a. mas magnda ang patrol dati hanggang kay Korina. sana ibalik siya.

pinoy tektek said...

The problem with the media is the issue of sensationalism, even today, it can be observed in the documentaries regardless of TV stations.