Friday, December 19, 2008

A Journalist's Fury

Through an informal interview, December 12 Rally: An industry pioneer in the field of journalism talked about the role of a journalist and its role as a citizen. Because of time constraint, I was not able to refine the points, so I made added research given the limited views.

Taking journalism as a prime profession is the duty to the public who has the right to be informed -- to possibly report the different sides of the truth; whether the story is good or not, whether a journalist agrees to it or not and considers the ethics which guide every journalistic endeavor. It is important to take note that news personalities and broadcasters are fortunate that they are given the means and the power to air out first their opinions and sentiments. They were given the choice to reflect on the usual scene or diffuse if not reiterate the commentaries of the common people themselves. However, a media organization should also set its avenue for the other actor to answer allegations, whatsoever.

The journalist's role as a citizen is but another storyline. When covering political affairs, a journalist is there to exhibit his/her public service through responsible journalism. (by this, I can say that duties as a journalist and as a citizen are not really inseparable, since journalists serve the people in their way, through news and information). The media sector has also
been the source of public discussions. Commentaries, opinions and violent reactions do exist but not in formal newscasts or any informative show for that matter (TV Patrol, Bandila, Saksi, 24 Oras, etc.) There is a special room for these things in the newsroom according to the nature of certain public affairs show, which is yet to be guided by the same strand of accountability. For if not, this results to the alteration of the profession's definition and to its search for the Truth. (defeating the purpose of "news journalism")

Some media institutions have been misinterpreted by critics including the state, especially when their correspondents report live public uprising if not airing news stories that are anti-administration. Bias reporting now enters the story (well in fact they are just streaming what the people should understand) Journalists are not enemies of the state. They serve as watchdog for possible abuse of state-power (tyrannical tendencies) and forces the state to explain its actions regarding a certain issue of national affairs. For all cases, I think that there is really a need to bolster organizations that will set the standard for responsible journalism (KBP, the station itself, NUJP, PCIJ, among others) -- to identify which activities are still within the ambit of law, and which are cases of power abuse both for the journalists and the state.

Topping last week's news: An Iraqi journalist who threw his pair of shoes to an incumbent president as a sign of "contempt." As the case shows, a journalist's dichotomy has been stretched in full extent -- as an Iraqi journalist and as an Iraqi citizen who cannot take the words of the out-going US President George W. Bush given Iraq's historical experience with the US:


Railey said...

Sino yun?

Journalists of the Third World Nations are reduced by its government which is dependent on the superpower/s. Kaya hindi na talaga papalag ang gobyerno pag sinabi ng Amerika.

I salute that Iraqi Journalist! mas biniliban ko yung stand niya at hindi ko nakita yung kawalan ng respeto sa lider ng US. para kahit papano maramdaman naman ni Bush na hindi na makakain ng aso ang mga pinagsasabi niya!

hydee lopez said...

Tama. pero hindi ko narin maiwasng isipn na baka ang mga media institutions ay nagagamit o nagpapagamit na rin sa estado. malay natin.. bka KBP din at mga katulad nito,

hugo gonzales said...

Si GMA dapat ring batuhin ng sapatos!!! hahahaha. informative post it is!

pinoy tektek said...

hu!!!! si gloria rin!!!! hahahaha.adik.

Anonymous said...

ta**i*a! nakailag pa oh! sayang!!!

yfur porsche p. fernandez said...

Si Ms. CheChe Lazaro.

Kool lang! Haha... sabi nga sa isang text joke.. kung si Bush madaling nakaiwas sa sapatos.. kay GMA daw mani.. mani ang pagtatago sa podium. hehe.