Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Concerns of the Philippine News Media

According to the situationer given by Ms. Malou Mangahas, editor-in-chief of the official portal of GMA News and Public Affairs, Philippine journalism and its members had suffered and are still suffering various state oppressions. They believe that freedom of expression and of the press are the fundamental freedoms in the Philippines. Without these, other freedoms cannot be carried out.

Press freedom is a cornerstone of the Philippine democratic system. Article III, Sections 4 and 7 are the complimentary laws engaging press freedom and people's access to information of national interest. The Philippines is a signatory to different Universal Declarations and Agreements that bolster information over secrecy, in a supposed information-rich society.

The concerns of the Media:
  • Access to information (and trail of blood)
  • Media repressions: acute and benign
  • Human Rights
  • Good Government
  • Peace and Conflict
Journalistic Killings

Aquino: 17
Ramos: 15
Erap : 5
PGMA: 62

NUJP (National Union of Journalists in the Philippines) and PCIJ (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism) tally: 99 cases, 77 of which were killed in line of duty.

The forum was held at the Little Theater of UPM, yesterday, hosted by the university's press community, Manila Collegian.


pinoy tektek said...

hAHAHA. gma REIGNS. kahit pagsamasamahin pa yung mga nakaraan. GMA RESIGNS - yan ang dapat.

hydee lopez said...

Oh my. These figures are only the accounted ones, right?

yfur porsche p. fernandez said...

Yes ms. lopez, these are accounted cases only. We know the desaparacidos thing. It is still existing, mightier than the bite of Marcos dictatorship!