Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Information Warfare

INFORMATION WARFARE refers to the use of information or information technology during a time of crisis or conflict to achieve or promote specific objectives over a specific adversary or adversaries.*

In military:
  • A form of conflict in which the objective is to capture, degrade, or destroy the enemy's means of gathering, analyzing, and distributing data, particularly data regarding the enemy's armed forces.
  • To achieve information dominance
  • Electronic messages and ‘viruses’ are introduced into the enemy's computers, either to disable them or to plant false information, either through existing communication lines or, in future, by lasers or other electromagnetic transmissions
  • Three forms: physical attack (bombing against an information system); a computer-based attack (disabling an aircraft's controls) or an information attack from one information system against another—proper cyberwar
In the news media:
  • IW at a time of crisis is no different from propaganda war.
  • Given that the Philippines is said to be in a chronic crisis, we witness this information warfare as we read, watch and listen to the news, especially in government-owned and sequestered broadcast networks where pro-government propaganda is euphemistically called "public information."**
* Princeton University's WordNet (http://wordnet.princeton.edu)
**UP Prof. Danilo Arao via e-mail correspondence


hydee lopez said...

It's nice to know that prof. arao is not tired of answering students' questions.

informative it is!

Railey! said...

yes yes. i agree with hydee.