Saturday, February 21, 2009

Journalism and the Social Reality

Part II

Since we know that news reporters are limited with their scheduled time to submit their stories,it goes to show that they may not cover the entire truth.Does it not defeat the purpose of Journalism?

"Journalism is NOT about giving ALL information to people, as it only seeks to provide the meaningful ones that can help shape public opinion. The defined professional and ethical standards of the profession guide journalists on how to go about their jobs. The different forms of mass media do not and cannot mirror social reality as they are inherently limited by various factors like time and space constraints."

- Journalism Professor Danilo Arao

Live reports should be grounded on real facts and views.
The veracity of a news story flags the credibility of the journalist.
Abhor infotainment journalism and promote the kind of journalism that will help
the public perform its citizen-critic duty.


hydee lopez said...

at least we continue to learn :)

hugo gonzales said...

RG cruz said thatit's a mixture of both the bad and good news right?

oscar germino said...

Journalism has always been an exciting part of the society. as heraclitus said, change is the only permanent thing in this world. Journalism's structure goes with this line.

yfur porsche p. fernandez said...

To hugo gonzales:
Yes. Prof. Arao gives a unique stand. Journalism should provide only the necessary information to equip the viewing public.

TO oscar germino:
Thanks for visiting!

I read an article today at the Inquirer,featuring KBP's statement that broadcasting is a permanent change. what a coincidence.