Friday, October 30, 2009

Shiver in my Spine

The last curtain call
This is the last curtain call
Begging me to show off
And everything falls

I'm gonna feel the warmth and tender
The glare of light, the sway like thunder
Hold the steel of eccentricity
And humbly raise your immortality

'Cause you're the shiver in my spine
The rants and raves of thousand times
'Cause you're the shiver in my spine
That reigns above all these loving mercy vines

Hear the chime of wanderer's psyche
Crash me with those 1950 guns
The icy chill behind my back
The pressure, disgrace, the charm of struck

The thrill of your mem'ries collide
As I turn the notch to set the stage on fire
The summer love's once disregard --
Brothers, beat them hard!

Trembling voices before you foresee
Has turned you melting in freeze
You want to escape the inevitable
'Til you see your self, shiver in gray!

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