Monday, January 14, 2008

Key Elements of Development

According to Atty. Jose C. Sison*,
Columnist, The Philippine Star
Host, Kapag May Katwiran, Ipaglaban Mo (1996)

Four D’s of Development for Atty. Jose C. Sison:

1. Determination - refers to the liberty of the citizens of a specified locality to establish their identity, political condition; sovereignty.

2. Discipline - Among citizens, working out a specific character or pattern of behavior, training that produces moral or mental development. Sets out the final stage as to whether institutions as legal structures are carrying out the proper response and function.

3. Dedication - to commit or obligate (oneself) to a particular line of deliberation or deed.

4. Diligence - the existence of steady (careful) and consistent effort to face the adversities that may affect the people.

Having the oppurtunity to be answered by this busy law man, via (, he reiterated:

  • These key elements of development need not to be explained further as he believes that these are all self-explanatory and assume an independent thought.
  • In general, these factors are applicable in developing Philippine Setting.
  • In simple thoughts, he applies these dynamics by using them in his prime profession as a lawyer.
  • These key elements also served to be his guiding philosophy in life.

His stand on the issue of 2010 presidential election:
“We should first eliminate any one of who has previously sought the position but was already rejected by the people. The last in our list to be scratched off are those belonging to the moneyed elite whose families have remained in the political scene and have held on to some kind of power and influence apparently to protect their huge vested interest thus placing in doubt the purity of their intention to promote the public interest and the common good.” (Final List)

A law each day, keeps trouble away.


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Anonymous said...

A law each day, keeps trouble away.

- I think I've seen this before. Have I not?

theporsche02 said...

Thank you for that commendation, crescenet...

Yes, you've seen "A law each day..." already!(UPM Library).
Atty. Sison compiled various cases both from his column and some digests from his trials.