Friday, February 15, 2008

An Open Letter of a Kid to His Dad*

You may see the real picture of a son having a misunderstanding with his dad. Along the way, the kid still wanted to secure a definite place between their clashing ideas while experiencing unjust words. Because of this, the kid had nothing to do but to write what he felt.
A misunderstood son. A strict father.
A son with unchallenged respect.
A father who just wanted the best for his son.
Temporary shaking relationship.
Burning bridges. And building it again.
By simply looking at this particular piece, you can see how real life happens in an environment full of stress...and how words transform to a powerful weapon.

February 2008

Dear Dad,

What happened last night was one of the scariest things I really don't want to feel. Sorry to say but I am not the same son you were describing last night. It seemed that you don’t know me. And I felt bad about it. So much of my concern.

There’s too much to talk about other than money. And I’m pretty sure that it is not what you are after to, I can better testify to that.
You are a well-loved father --- a father of your son, if you only knew. And it kills him whenever he makes mistakes that will hurt you, just the way he writes this letter. He can’t imagine that he can open his feelings to you no more. It deeply thorns his feeling.

He suppose you’re being presumptuous. He won’t make it to a point where his blessed knowledge will reign over your relationship (to others as well). Otherwise, it will only trounce its aim.

He was really sorry for the action he made though there was really nothing to be sorry for it was not his intention -- it’s more of a misinterpretation. But then, he’s so sorry. He’s just having this feeling of confusion – for he’s at all times, misunderstood. Again, he’s very much willing to change it for his own good.

On that night, I’m not thinking what you are thinking, emotions flowed and there is no way to take back those sharp words thrown, for they were already deeply entrenched. I just can't assess how to mingle with them.

If you wanted to talk to me regarding this matter, as your son, may I just request let’s do it when you’re not drunk. Thank you.

Dad,sorry for everything.
Still,with unchallenged respect,
Your Son

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