Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Five Tips according to Colayco (Pera mo, Palaguin mo!)
  • Start early.
  • Any amount can get you started.
  • Arrange for automatic deductions.
  • You ought to be aware about your credit cards.
  • Do not mind status symbols!

The configuration should be: Income – Savings = Expenses,
and not Income – Expenses = Savings,
to emphasize that one should have a fixed amount to save.

Four stages to Financial Independence:
  • Start-up Stage
  • Build –up Stage
  • Fine- tuning
  • Retirement

Small is Beautiful:
  • Requiring so much, accomplishing little
  • Modern industry is inefficient as it surpasses the ability of the people.
  • Ever bigger machines, bigger concentration of powers, greater violence against the environment and denial of wisdom
  • To see the bigness out of smallness
  • Misdistribution of population leads to misdistribution of access to resources: prevalent to the Third World Nations
  • Buddhist economics not modern materialism
  • Dual economy – two different patterns of living as widely separated in two different worlds; two ways of life existing side by side (agro-industrial)
  • Organic Development – development in our own pace
Contradiction of the welfare- state:
  • to ensure that needs and grievances of the people are properly addressed while making favors to accumulate capital for economic survival


Railey! said...

Yeah, small is really beautiful!

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... not all the time. hehe

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