Monday, September 22, 2008


The Journey to Mt. Banahaw.

As a stranger in the place, though will sound superstitious to my fellow students, I tried to ask permission before entering the said holy ground. Prior to the journey, at the foot of the mountain we made silent prayers for the local spirit of the mountain, asking consent and for favorable conditions for our trek, and for our safe passage in the cave which has an apparent small fissure. For me, it’s not only for that purpose but a respect that should be paid by a visitor.

Mt. Banahaw is Quezon’s sacred mountain. It continuously manifests protective powers through events that appear miraculous and certainly providential, even though these may be stared by outsiders as mere coincidence. Banahaw is thought to protect its chosen ones: no outside danger can scare the people's still faith intertwined with its inexpressible peace. According to a research, there are basically four classifications of people who frequently climb Mount Banahaw.
  • The religious and the sects who consider the mountain the site of the New Jerusalem.
  • There are those who scale the slopes of Banahaw as part of their sacrifice in exchange for blessings or "miracles" that they are seeking, including the treat for those afflictions from sickness.
  • Other visitors are in hunt of anting-anting, psychic or paranormal experiences.
  • Then there are mountaineers or outdoor groups wanting to breathe fresh air from one of Southern Luzon's largest forests.


broken damsel said...

Wow! Saan to?? Picture! Haha

hydee lopez!:D said...

Bakit nung pumunta kame dito.. walang ganyang ritwal. haha.

Hindi kasi ako naniniwala sa mga ganito eh... Pero, mabuti na rin ang mag-ingat.. hehe/

Railey! said...

Ang nakakabilib dito, hindi pa rin nakakalimiutan ang hiblang ito ng kasaysayan. Salamat sa UP hhehe.

hydee lopez said...

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