Monday, October 27, 2008

Why Social Consciousness?

Random Views:
  • "People search for single answer to diverse questions, they don't even know how to ask. Worst is, don't even know their meanings. Pinababayaan lang nilang ganon. E, sa ganon e. Ganun talaga. It's like clapping without you knowing, who's the man for those applauses. - mula sa isang konyong estudyante
  • There exists a bandwagon, a peer pull or something that controls you indirectly. This goes to show how men are fooled. And how we let ourselves being fooled.
  • With so many options out there, we are only bound with what our fingers can do, and what our eyes can barely see (from Timothy Go's script)
  • Dr. Edberto Villegas puts it like this, there should be social consciousness to destroy the prevalence of techno freaks who are bombarded with theories only and are saturated within the matrix of what the professor calls "the never never land of Peter Pan", and other agents and/or alike of such (neo-classical economists who attempt to describe and assume the world through figures, models and graphs. According to him, these are but falsehoods since it does not reflect the real picture of the society, isang pakulo ng mga kapitalista, aniya.)
  • The purpose of culture is not to entertain, but rather to develop self and social consciousness.


hydee lopez said...

Social consciousness so as to complement the theories of the University, lalo na sa ating mga taga-up...

hugo gonzales said...

Haha.. Existence of technofreaks! Very well said by your professor.

tektek said...

In fairness, kahit konyo, senseful yung sinabi niya huh.

Railey! said...

Oy.. grabe a.. hindi naman lahat ng konyo, walang alam..

minsan sila pa nga ang mas conscious... anyway, baka nga technofreak ako kung ganon idescribe ung mga katulad

yfur porsche p. fernandez said...

Huy.. wag kayo mag-away. hahaha. :D