Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Public Information as Pro-government Propaganda

by Professor Danilo A. Arao

"How is public information done by the Philippine government?
Thanks to government officials who think that the only information worth sharing to the people is the one favorable to them, the concept of public information has become more of an aberration."

Public information is supposed to be easily understandable. In the Philippines, however, the government has made "public information" synonymous to "pro-government propaganda."

Technically, public information, as the term suggests, refers to important information to the public. It should be free from any political color and could therefore come from any source. The importance of information is assessed according to its significance to public lives. (read the full story here).


Sa mga determinadong mamamahayag nang naganap ang Manila Peninsula Siege, narito muli ang isang orihinal na komposisyon: Teargas and Handcuffs by Yfur Fernandez

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