Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recidivist or Just Out of Options:

The Filipino Oligarchy, the People and the 2010 Election

In a supposed democratic country like the Philippines, it is traditionally held that the fate of aspiring leaders to occupy public offices depends upon voter’s significant decisions, but our history tells us the disappointing reveal –- various administrations were once celebrated, were then installed and were later criticized and abhorred, thus a sort of failure sentiment for the electorate. Amidst the long familiarity of our country practicing democratic forms like election, the faculty of political maturity remains in the gray area, while the assumption of deliberating honest and well-processed election is still a make believe.

Today’s Macapagal – Arroyo administration which, “as it claims,” is elected by the public, cannot deny citizens’ endless call for its upheaval, however, the political survival of this governance has been really highly irrevocable taking the unsuccessful coup attempts and numerous efforts to overthrow the government. In this context, the upcoming 2010 national election is now taken as the ultimate lifesaver especially in this present political system beset with an awful performance and a never-ending betrayal to the public. The electorate rages for an immediate change of government, alongside is the common failure of the populace to vigilantly examine the background and the roots of political aspirants – as to either they will just carry the torch of their familial interests, or sincerely practice the essence of what we call tunay na paglilingkod-bayan or genuine service to the people. (CONTINUE READING: full text here)

*Youth Speaks: Professor R. G. Simbulan's

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