Monday, April 16, 2012

No Pies for Holy Week

Jollibee - Export Bank Plaza, Makati, Philippines
In a commercial district like Makati, one may not feel the urgency of what the Catholic considers the "holy week."

This one is a rare piece, which reminds atheists and other non-believers that while statistics tell us that Roman Catholicism has been experiencing a tremendous decrease in its membership for the past years -- it is still a Catholic world in the busiest corners of urbanity.

Philosophers may say, these fast food chains chose to close doors since thay could not offer anything but temporary menu made with tuna? Or, a pie...was not it?

Economists may suggest, no enough public demand for enormous supply of meat would just result to terminal deficit -- might as well save electricity.

Critics of critics may say, the philosopher's and the economist's reasons combined together would then create an illusion that capitalists were also  commemorating the way of the cross. In fact, to intentionally show it -- why not turn the mascots this way?

Amber Alonzo, a call center agent wrote:
I laughed out loud upon seeing Jollibee's gesture which seems like welcoming the people to get out, though the fast food resto was closed. Just think what I'm thinking. ;) 

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