Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PHOTOS: A View of San Bernardino

PERHAPS, a show of strength -- few miles from the heart of the hilly San Bernardino in California, guard posts display military artilleries for public viewing. Predominantly Hispanic in terms of demography, the county earns a definite place in America's western socio-political history.

When we talk about both the architectural and the structural traces of San Bernardino, one may notice that the phenomenon of urban decay gradually suspends the city. 

Traces of a once glorified city are magnified in county posts, which served as infrastructures of power years ago. Closed merchandise stores, abandoned houses, depriciated window panes, acid-washed house paints and weak pastel colors -- these are just glimpses. 

It may boil down to two reasons -- lack of funds for urban renewal, or the other convicing reason is to keep the nobility of government posts. There is something in those pillars and pale colors that make structures "powerful."

The red sign says, "No Parking" -- true indeed, as the space is already occupied. 

Photos taken October 2011, Y. P. Fernandez, San Bernardino, California, USA

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