Monday, December 31, 2007

Roller Coaster Ride

"Parang roller coaster pinagdaanan ng puso ko..."

I think there's something in this girl that made me think: there are different personalities that thrive inside of her. The question is: existing or have gone away?

I know, there has been a critical situation between us. But I consider today realer that real, one dream, an accident, like some sort of seizure or suspension, but nothing really happened. Opppsing views intervene. As I learn that those days were not accident, serving its purpose. We learn something relevant. We learn something new that adds in the vitality of our lives, as we continually spice up the friendship we have within. I must not use complicated words as it may only sound unnatural and artificial.

I know that there have been depressions. I attempted to compensate these frequent depressions only to find out that I can offer only aids of prevention and not of cure, bacause IT'S not gone. Not yet done.

She started thinking about the pain, that incredible pain. I started thinking how can I help to solve it. She didn't think to call anyone except me, didn't know who to call, what to say... exactly where was the pain? It was everywhere, framing and dizzy-making.

She has done things against the rules -- both the pivate, personal rules we all have as human*.

I know the struggle to dream for a magic carpet ride but she places herself in a way that is just fine if not commensurate. So do I.

Thrill- as it serves to be the fabric of our friendship. As we are enveloped to be in. Happiness -- as she doesn't submit herself all the way to that same dress of emotions. Whatever emotion she shows, the good thing about her unpredictability is the way she understands everything -- from basics (faults) to learning life (passion). Respect to each other forever.

These mixed emotions always excites me to join her in that very own wonderful journey of life -- Chaz' roller coaster ride.


noongmalapad said...

can you still bear the ride? thank you and you're welcome*. :)

theporsche02 said...

It has always been a pleasure to do so..^-^